Who we are

The Department of Forests and Soil Conservation (DFSC) and its parent ministry the Ministry of Forestry and Environment (MFE) are the main government stakeholder and beneficiary for the BCRWME project. The DFSC is the principal authority for carrying out watershed management in Nepal and the executing agency for implementation of BCRWME. Project Management Unit (PMU) and Project Implementation Unit (PIU) oversee implementation in the six project districts under DFSC.

DFSC key roles and responsibilities include:

  • Planning, including watershed and sub-watershed management planning
  • Community Integrated Watershed Management Program, including land productivity conservation, natural hazard prevention and community soil conservation and extension
  • Community mobilization and empowerment
  • Nursery Establishment and Seedling Production
  • Maintenance and Improvement
  • Technology Development, Study, Research and Mapping
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

The Climate Investment Fund (CIF) is the primary donor of the BCRWME project, with the grant being administered by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The Nepal Government provides both financial and in kind support. A parallel grant for technical assistance is provided by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF). NDF has divided technical assistance in two packages, the first focusing on advisory and capacity building services and the second on Watershed Hydrology Research aiming to establish a systemic and credible methodology to monitor, verify and interpret the impacts of project.

  • Total Project Cost = USD 30.11 million
  • Strategic Climate Fund (ADB) = USD 23.54 million
  • Nordic Development Fund (NDF) = USD 4.63 million
  • Government of Nepal (GON) = USD 1.94 million
  • Additional ADB and NDF grant funding

The Project Management Unit (PMU), established in April 2014, is based in Dadeldhura and led by a full-time Project Director appointed by DFSC.  DFSC hosts a liaison office to support the project from Kathmandu, coordinating activities between the PMU, DFSC and MFE. Three consultancy agencies support the PMU:

  • Agriconsulting Europe SA (AESA) for implementation of NDF1 – Advisory and Capacity Building;
  • International Water Management Institute (IWMI) for implementation of NDF2 - Watershed Hydrology Research, and;
  • Environment and Resource Management Consultant (ERMC) as the Project Management and Implementation Consultant (PMIC).