Project Status

Status of Implementation Progress (Outputs, Activities, and Issues)

  1. Batch 1 civil works completed (25 rural village tanks and 67 improved intakes with storage completed). Batch 2 civil works ongoing with 129 storage tanks, 353 improved intakes, 58 irrigation tanks, 42 collection chambers and 37 tap stands completed. Winter planting for Batch 1 catchment restoration works completed and summer planting for Batch 1 and 2 are ongoing. Batch 3 SPPRs are under preparation.
  2. The framework for GIS-based watershed management planning has been prepared. A 5-day GIS training course for mid-level technicians and Class 3 officer Four trainings on basic GIS conducted in April 2016.
  3. A knowledge management plan is being implemented. Hydrological and meteorological stations have been installed and baseline data is being collected.
  4. Training programs for project staff and regularly conducted.