Institutional Arrangement of Project

Management Roles and Responsibilities

Ministry of Forests and Environment (MoFE)

  • Chair the Project Steering Committee to supervise and guide implementation
  • Ensures all assurances implemented
  • Provides policy and decision support
  • Appoints to Project Management Unit (PMU) staff
  • Monitor and guide overall project planning, management and implementation activities

Executing Agency: Department of Forests and Soil Conservation (DoFSC) and its PMU

  • Manage project planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation
  • Monitor and report on both physical and financial progress
  • Monitor social and environmental impacts to meet safeguard requirements
  • Prepare and update detailed project work plan and budget
  • Implements training programs for project staff
  • Gives its “no objection” on SPPRs with cost estimates
  • Assists the PIUs in the management of civil works tenders and community contracting
  • Gives its “no objection” on bid evaluation reports for civil works
  • Manage procurement of consulting services
  • Manage project staff and consultants
  • Manage an imprest account, fund flow, and grant disbursement
  • Keep stakeholders informed of project progress and benefits

Project Steering Committee (PSC)

  • Provide policy guidance
  • Monitor overall progress and direction and provide guidance to ensure successful implementation
  • Address any other key issues and problems related to the project

Technical Working Group

  • Review technical reports produced by the project
  • Consider project implementation issues that have inter-agency implications

Kathmandu Liaison Office

  • Act under the guidance of the Project Director to coordinate project business in Kathmandu as necessary

Project Management Unit (PMU)/Project Implementation Unit (PIU) with the mobile teams and FTT’s (Achham, Baitadi, Bajhang, Bajura, Dadeldhura and Doti)

  • Places community organizers at subproject level and facilitate the preparation of request water source improvement in coordination with the social mobilizer of the LGCDP and the endorsement of these request by the VDC’s
  • Prepare SPPRs with detailed designs, BOQs and cost estimates with the mobile teams and FTTs and recommend subprojects for DDC approval
  • Prepare tender documents and/or agreements for NCB or community contracts for the construction of civil works and related vegetative conservation measures, manage the tender process and award contracts to contractors or community development groups (CDGs)
  • Supervise the construction works under NCB or community contracts, take measurements and release payments to CDGs and/or contractors within 30 days of measurements
  • Monitor and ensures quality of subproject implementation
  • Monitor social and environmental safeguards and GESI plan in subproject areas
  • Provide training and assistance to the CDGs for post construction operation and maintenance of the created infrastructure and for the management and conservation of the management areas.

Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MOSTE)

  • Monitors and reports results from the Strategic Program for Climate Resilience
  • Chairs Climate Change Program Coordination Committee

Agriculture, Forest and Environment Committee (AFEC)

  • Share implementation status with and coordinate among district stakeholders
  • Serve as grievance redress committee for affected parties or complainants

District Development Committee (DDC), Integrated Plan Formulation Committee (IPFC) and the District Council, Sectoral Planning Committee

Feasibility Approval Committee (FAC), Village Development Committees (VDCs),  Ward Citizen Forum

Community Development Groups (CDGs), Community Organizers (COs)

  • Share implementation status with and coordinate among district stakeholders
  • Facilitates for the coordination with different programs/projects and their implementing agencies that are operating in the district
  • Monitor overall project implementation in their respective districts, including safeguard compliance
  • Coordinate among agencies and other district-level stakeholders and resolve any issues that impede subproject implementation
  • Facilitate local development planning with all relevant line agencies
  • Serve as a grievance redress mechanism for any project complaint.
  • and analyze the prioritized subprojects. Incorporate prioritized subproject into sectoral committee development plans and submit the draft to the DDC
  • Review prioritized subprojects identified and endorsed by PIU’s and forward to the DDC’s Integrated Plan Formulation Committee.
  • Reviews and approves Sub Project Preparation Reports
  • Dissemination of information to the Ward citizen forums and facilitates the generation of demand for assistance from the grass root level
  • Forms and manages a grievance redress committee for any complaint by negatively affected persons in the project areas
  • Activates the Agriculture, Environment and Forest Committee (AFEC) for coordinating and monitoring of projects at the local level, and
  • Supports users to mitigate conflict
  • Prioritize requests for assistance and endorses proposed subproject interventions
  • Facilitates the formulation of requests for assistance by communities for assistance in the development and protection of water sources
  • Participate in planning and design of the requested water source development and protection and the related management area conservation measures
  • Endorse subproject designs and agree on cost sharing
  • Formalize their organizations
  • Constructs Civil Works
  • Monitor construction
  • Support users to mitigate conflict
  • Operate and maintains the improved systems
  • Mitigate internal conflict including those arising out of water rights
  • Ensure an inclusive composition in the executive committees
  • Assist PMU/PIU in mobilizing the beneficiaries
  • Assist CDG’s and their user groups in timely organization of regular meetings and taking minutes
  • Perform activities suggested by the Mobile Teams and FTT’s

Office of the Auditor General

  • Conducts annual audit of project accounts and prepares audited financial statement


  • Recruit main consultant packages
  • Conduct regular project review missions
  • Review and issue no-objection to procurement and disbursement documents
  • Overall coordination and advisory support