15 11, 2016

Invitation for Vehicle Bid

Supply and Delivery of Four Wheel Drive Vehicles under national competitive bidding process for BCRWME Project ...more >>

10 08, 2016

Training/workshop on Website Content Management System at Hotel Summit (August 1-4, 2016)

Training/Workshop on "Website Content Management System” on project website was held from August 1-4,  2016 (Shrawan 17-20,  2073) at Hotel Summit, Kupondole, Lalitpur. The main goals of the training/workshop was to introduce website...more >>

17 08, 2016

IWMI Report: NDF2 Research Team field visit Banlek (Doti) and Shikarpur (Baitadi)

A research team from the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), along with the Institute of Forestry and DSCWM traveled 18-22 July to Banlek (Doti) and Shikharpur (Baitadi) VDCs to update progress of the multi-year monit...more >>

10 08, 2016

Expenditure incurred in fiscal year 2072/73 (2015/016)

Following figures are the expenditure incurred in the fiscal year 072/73. Office Annual Approved Budget  Expenditure Incurred Unspended Budget Project Management Unit 238816000 125769204.84 1130...more >>

10 08, 2016

Launch of BCRWME newsletter

  The Department of Soil Conservation and Water Management (DSCWM), is pleased to launch this first quaterly BCRWME Newsletter. The first issue highlights the project overview, lessons learnt from civil work completion of batch 1 subproj...more >>

23 08, 2016

The Green Media Village contracted for production of video documentary

The Green Media Village has in 21st July 2016 been contarcted for the production of a 15 minutes ling video documentary in Nepali Langauage with English subtitles. The video will feature a visualization of the project and its efforts in building...more >>

23 08, 2016

Exposure visit program for staffs of MOFSC, DSCWM, MOF, PMU

The staffs of Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation (MOFSC), Department of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management (DSCWM), Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Project Management Unit (PMU) will have an exposure visit program at Vietnam and Bangkok f...more >>

01 10, 2016

My son no longer needs to go abroad to make a living!

A two-week long field visit for the production of a project video provided NDF1 team member Anjana Shakya an excellent opportunity to witness progress and impacts of project activities. Traveling on a fresh morning in September through exceptional...more >>

24 11, 2016

We want this project to become a model for the country

On September 27th this year the Government of Nepal deputed Mr Bijaya Raj Paudyal as new Director General (DG) of the Department of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management (DSCWM). Mr Paudyal came from the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation...more >>

01 12, 2016

Halfway down the line project implementation is well on track

In January implementation of the Building Climate Resilience of Watersheds in Mountain Eco-regions project (BCRWME) will be halfway its six-year duration. Awaiting conclusions, recommendations and lessons learned from the Mid-Term Review (Feb 2017) t...more >>

28 02, 2017

New Leaflet 2017

BCRWME proudly presents a new leaflet to introduce the key objectives and activities of the project to a broader audience. Please download the leaflet in English or Nepali on the publication pagewebs ...more >>

28 02, 2017

Knowledge Sharing Seminar 2017

For project stakeholders and interested experts and students in the field of water resource management and climate resilience requests for access to the Knowledge Information System (KIS) of the BCRWME can be submitted from March 1st, 2017 onward.&nb...more >>

28 02, 2017

Knowledge Sharing Seminar 2017

BCRWME today holds a signature knowledge sharing seminar on “Reviving drying springs through participatory springshed management” for project stakeholders and experts. Outcomes of the event will be published in the upcoming project newsletter. Fu...more >>

03 03, 2017

New video of BCRWME

BCRWME proudly presents a new video to introduce the key objectives and activities of the project to a broader audience. Please view the video. ...more >>

06 09, 2017

Proceeding of National Knowldege Sharing event is available online

A report (proceeding) of National Knowledge sharing workshop organized by Department of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management, BCRWME project on 28th Feburary is available. You can also find the presentation that was presented at workshop in thi...more >>