Exceuting Agency

The Department of Forest and Soil Conservation (DFSC) under the Ministry of Forests and Environment (MoFE).

The Project Management Unit (PMU), established in April 2014, is based in Dadeldhura and led by a full-time Project Director appointed by DSCWM. A Liaison office in the premises of the DSCWM building functions to support the project from Kathmandu and is mostly focused around coordination activities between the PMU, DSCWM and MoFSC. The PMU is implemented with the support of three consultancy services; (i) Agriconsulting (Italy) for NDF Support Package 1  (Advisory and Capacity Building Services), (ii) IWMI (International Water Management Institute) for NDF Support Package 2 (Watershed Hydrology Impact Monitoring Research) and (iii) EMRC (Environment and Resource Management Consultant (Nepal)) as the Project Management and Implementation Consultant  (PMIC).